Bird Repellent Fake Flying Hawk Decoy - Perfect for Home and Garden

$14.25 $23.99

  • SCARE AWAY BIRDS & PESTS OF ALL TYPES! Stop worrying about pigeons, woodpeckers, geese, critters, squirrels and the like, using an eco-friendly and wildlife friendly method; our unyielding, intimidating, predator, flying hawk decoy!
  • LARGE, LIFELIKE WINGS & EYES! Due to its large wingspan, and carefully painted wings and eyes so that it looks impressively lifelike, our hawk scarecrow is the perfect defender for your garden, roofline, fence and patio!
  • A DECOY THAT WORKS IN BROAD DAYLIGHT! Contrary to owls that are known as night predators, hawks also hunt during the day. This, roughly translated, means that pests of all kinds will recognize an enemy in the eyes of your flying hawk!
  • INCREDIBLY REALISTIC & DURABLE! Made from premium quality materials, our hawk bird deterrent can withstand all kinds of weather conditions, all year round. Moreover, its wings can be removed for easier and more convenient storage!
  • BUY WITH PEACE OF MIND! It is our belief that our flying hawk bird repellent scarecrow will scare the life out of every rodent and bird in your are. However, if you don’t feel the same way about it, you can simply use the 100% money back guarantee that we offer you!