Britenway Body Parts Game Organ Educational Assembly Toys for Boys & Girls

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Body Parts Game Human Body Model Removable Human Torso Anatomy Model Organ Assembled Toys Early Education for Boys Girls Medical Student Learning Tool

  •           High-Quality Material: The human organ model is made of high-quality ABS materials, safe and non-toxic, durable and sturdy, wear-resistant, anti-fall, and has a long service life. The surface and edge are smooth, without burs, which do not hurt their hands, harmless for kids.
  •           Human Body Model: A detachable teaching organ model consists of 17 parts. You can take the model apart like a puzzle, including the following parts: 1*kid's body; 1* pair hands; 1*pair feet; 1*heart; 1*lung; 1*rib; 1*Bladder; 1*liver; 1*stomach; 1*Kidney; 1*large intestine; 1*small intestine; 1*spleen; 1*tweezers and 1*Gall bladder.
  •           Preschool Toy: This organ assembly toy helps to exercise children's hands-on ability, deepen their understanding of the structure of human organs, promote hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, basic cognitive skills, problem-solving, body organ recognition.
  •           Exquisite Craftsmanship: The organ assembled toy is processed with fine craftsmanship. All body parts fit with each other securely. You can use the equipped tweezers to place the organ part into the human body model carefully, providing a realistic and scientific 3D human miniature.
  •           Wide Application: Human torso anatomical model suitable for 3+ years old kids. It is easy to remove and assemble the different parts, enough details for kids to understand where things go and how they fit together. Also suitable for anyone interested in anatomy, nursing, physiology.